The Jerusalem Pro-Israel group has filed a lawsuit against two Texas-based building materials company, building materials store & construction materials, accusing them of being fronts for Israeli intelligence.

The group, which was formed in 2012, is suing Building Materials in Austin, a subsidiary of the Israel Defense Forces, and the Israeli company Kerem Gavei, on behalf of two former employees.

The lawsuit accuses Building Materials of having ties to the Israeli Defense Forces and has named Kerema Gaveis chief executive, and its chief financial officer, as defendants.

It alleges that Keremia Gaveias company has links to the Keremi Group, a private Israeli company with extensive ties to Keremar.

The complaint also accuses the company of receiving payment from the Israeli government through the Israeli consulate in the US, and says it has used Keremeis money to purchase equipment for the Israeli Army, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The Jerusalem Post has contacted Keremic Gaveisi for comment.

Building Materials, based in Austin and headquartered in the Texas city of San Antonio, has been under investigation by the FBI for allegedly laundering money for Iran’s nuclear program.

According to the lawsuit, the company has not responded to requests for comment, the Dallas Morning News reported.

It is not known if the lawsuit will be successful.

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