By now, most of us have heard of the new Bases of Sustainability program, a $1.3 trillion program that will reduce global warming pollution by reducing global energy use and shifting resources from fossil fuels to clean energy sources.

But the program is not the only green energy initiative that is worth building.

Here are 10 other ideas to build energy efficiency and sustainability into your home.1.

Reduce the amount of fuel used to heat your home2.

Build a cooler or ventilator3.

Rebuild a stove that can operate without electricity4.

Reduce your carbon footprint5.

Create a green roof with a solar panel6.

Buy more energy-efficient products to save money7.

Switch from a fossil-fueled fridge to a battery-powered fridge8.

Build an energy-efficiency solar panel to save energy9.

Create an energy efficient air conditioner10.

Buy a fuel-efficient vehicle to save gas.1 / 10 1 / 10 3.

Build more efficient lighting to reduce energy use in your home or office2.

Increase the amount and quality of your insulation3.

Increase your efficiency in your heating and cooling system4.

Buy energy-saving appliances to save more energy5.

Replace inefficient appliances with energy- saving products6.

Replace your old appliances with new energy- efficient ones7.

Make your living space more energy efficient8.

Create more energy efficiency storage units in your house9.

Buy an energy saving lighting system10.

Replace an outdated fridge with a new energy efficient fridge.

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