Here’s a list of the worst things you’ve ever seen in construction sites.


People making loud noises.

If you see any noise coming from a construction zone, it’s probably a noise-maker.

The problem is that it’s a sound that you might not be aware of, but can cause permanent damage to the building.


People throwing stuff at each other.

Sometimes it’s just a nuisance, but there are cases of people throwing things, bricks and even furniture into the air, and destroying it. 3.

People using the wrong tools.

In one case, a woman was caught on camera throwing a metal bar at another person, and it went flying.

A crane operator said that this was a very bad idea, and the crane was quickly deployed.


People trying to climb up the walls.

This happens in some construction zones all over the world, but especially in China.


People walking around with buckets of dirt.

It’s not just the construction sites, though.

Sometimes you see people digging out their own trash with buckets and using them as shovels.


People hanging around a hole with the roof in the middle.

People often use the roof of their building to hang around, to create a makeshift structure for themselves.


People digging a hole in the ground.

This is one of the most common problems that you’ll see in China, and is a common cause of death in China for people who get crushed under the weight of their heavy construction materials.


People stacking boxes of construction materials on top of each other and using the building as a shelter.


People doing crazy things like throwing buckets of gravel at each another.

It may seem like a silly thing to do, but you can cause serious damage to a building.


People running around with their feet dangling in the air.

Some people might think that they are just doing this to get to a safe place, but that’s not the case.

You need to take some precautions to protect yourself, and be very careful around people.

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