The United States is to install a new sensor system for monitoring carbon dioxide from the United Nations’ facilities in New York, according to Axios.

The system will include a new “carbon dioxide monitoring instrument” that will be able to track the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, and will also collect data from other sensors, according the report.

The sensors will also include “a thermal imaging system, a UV/X-ray system, and an atmospheric chemistry instrument” for monitoring the greenhouse gases that are created by the burning of fossil fuels, according Axios, which first reported the news.

A report earlier this month by the U.K.-based Climate and Energy Economics Institute found that the U,S.

and China have been using carbon dioxide sensors at their global headquarters in New Delhi since at least 2008.

The report noted that China has been using them at its U.NS. climate change headquarters in Beijing since 2007, while the U-S.

is using them in its U-N.

climate office in New Orleans since 2010.

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