A new design concept has been unveiled to create more space for offices and more energy efficient uses of space.

The new design, called E3, is designed to provide a “uniquely modern” office space with a focus on energy efficiency, says the firm that is the project’s lead designer.

The space, which is being built by New York-based architect Jody Rizzo and is being developed by the firm Kresge Architects, uses a mix of materials that provide energy efficiency and the potential to improve the environment, according to the firm.

The project has a design budget of $7.2 million.

The company says it is targeting a first production run of 40 units in the next few years.

The design is the result of Rizzos efforts to make his office space more energy-efficient, including using energy-saving LED lighting, cutting down on power usage, and reducing its heat output, according a press release.

Rizzoa’s office is being designed to be the first in the US to feature an Energy Star rating, the company says.

The goal is to reduce energy consumption by as much as 70 percent, while improving the energy efficiency of the space by 10 percent.

In a statement, Rizzó said that the design has the potential of saving the energy of millions of Americans and has the ability to provide millions of additional jobs.

“E3 represents a breakthrough in energy efficiency,” Rizzoso said in the press release, noting that he has spent the last two years working with energy-intensive technologies.

The firm says that the space will be fully energy efficient, with the design utilizing solar panels, energy-hungry LEDs, and energy-saver lighting.

A company spokesperson did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

“Our design will be a ‘tremendous departure’ from traditional office designs, says Rizzolos company.

The E3 office space will offer a modern, energy efficient design, with energy efficient lighting and energy saving LED lighting,” the firm says.

“The design incorporates a mixture of materials, including LEDs, to provide energy efficient and efficient lighting.”

The company is also looking to create space for businesses that require energy efficiency as well as office spaces that use energy-consuming materials, such as steel and glass, Razzo said in a statement.

“We’re focused on creating a space that will be energy efficient with a minimum of waste, as well,” Razzolo said.

“This project will also help support our community and reduce our carbon footprint by creating a viable energy source for the surrounding area.”

The design will come with a $7,000 (about $8,600 in U.S.) energy rebate, the firm said.

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