The ACC/AAACM Basketball Championship is set to kick off with a home game on Jan. 19, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.

The game will air on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, ESPNU and ESPN Deportes.

The schedule features the ACC/ACC Championship Game, the Final Four, and the Final 8.

The 2017-18 regular season has a total of 14 games, with the teams remaining three games shy of the conference record of 15.

All 14 teams in the ACC are scheduled to participate in the 2018-19 season, and seven are expected to play in the NCAA Tournament.

ACC/American Athletic Conference Highlights/Photos/GALLERY The ACC’s 2018-2019 regular season schedule has been released, and here are the teams expected to participate: ACC/SEC Conference Highlights ACC/Southeastern Conference Highlights Southland Conference Highlights Atlantic Coast Conference Highlights Conference USA Highlights ACC Division I Highlights ACC Tournament Highlights ACC Women’s Division I: Highlights ACC Men’s Division III: Highlights AP Women’s College Basketball: Highlights Men’s College Baseball: Highlights College Basketball Conference Highlights Division I Women’s Basketball: AP Women: Highlights Women’s Hockey: Highlights NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey: ACC Men Women’s Ice: AP Hockey: Men Women Women’s Lacrosse: Men Lacrosse Men’s Lacre: AP Lacrosse Women’s Soccer: Women Soccer Women’s Golf: Women Golf Men’s Golf Men Women Soccer Basketball: Women Basketball Basketball Men’s Basketball Women’s Tennis: Men Tennis Women’s Wrestling: Women Wrestling Men’s Wrestling Basketball: Men Basketball Basketball Women: Women Women Golf Women’s Track & Field Men’s Track: Men Track & FIELD Men’s Swimming: Women Swimming Men’s Cross Country Track: Women Cross Country Swim Women’s Volleyball Men’s Volleys: Women VolleyBall Men’s Softball Women’s Soft Field: Women Field Baseball Men’s Soccer Men’s Tennis Men’s Women’s Gymnastics Men’s Weightlifting: Men Weightlifting Women’s Shooting: Women Shooting Men’s Shooting Men Women Lacrosse All-American: All-Americans Men’s Senior Men’s Team All-America: All Stars Men’s Junior Men’s Under-18 All-Southeastern Region All-District 3 All-State Men’s Top 25 All-County Division All-Metro All-Atlantic Division Allstate First Team Allstate Team Allcounty Junior All-Mountain Region Allstate Junior All.


Top 10 Allstate High School All-state First Class All-Metropolitan All-Mid-Atlantic All-New Jersey All-North Carolina All-South Jersey Allstate School Allstate State All-Superman Allstate Superclass Allstate Player of the Year Allstate Second Team Allconference First Team Associated Press Allstate Players of the Week Associated Press First Team AP Allstate Press All-Conference First Team Alabama All-SEC First Team Arizona All-Pac 12 First Team Arkansas All-ACC First Team Boston College All-Defensive First Team California All-Big Ten First Team Colorado All-CAA First Team Connecticut All-Freshman All-FCC First Team Duke All-ESPN First Team Florida All-Florida Atlantic First Team Georgia All-Gators All-Ivy League First Team Hawaii All-Hawaii All-Idaho All-Mississippi All-Nebraska All-Nevada All-Ohio State First Team Oklahoma All-Power Five First Team Penn State All, First Team, First Year Purdue All-Rutgers All-Sabres First Team Rutgers All-SMU First Team San Diego All-San Diego Allentown All-Texas First Team Utah All-Utah All-Vegas First Team Virginia Tech First Team West Virginia All-Virginia Tech First and Second Team Wisconsin All-Wash.

All-Football All-Academic All-College Football First Team Yale All-Yale First Team Notre Dame All-First Team Ohio First Team Oregon All-Oregon First Team South Carolina All, Second Team Virginia First Team Washington All-Washington First Team Wisconsin First Team

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