SALEM, N.H. (AP) For decades, construction companies have used materials like limestone and marble to build their massive buildings in the United States.

But now the industry faces challenges that may force it to look beyond the industry’s borders.

The building materials market has been growing in recent years, but it is also becoming more competitive.

There are a growing number of companies in the U.S. and abroad that offer specialized materials and services to build large, high-rise buildings.

Building materials companies say the competition is intense.

The United States is the world’s largest producer of concrete, but some of the world, including China, India and Brazil, are now offering specialty materials for construction.

That could force the industry to expand internationally.

The U.N. World Building Materials Conference this week is focused on building materials for large-scale buildings.

Some of the best materials in the world are used in U. S. construction, including concrete, brick and steel, said Jeffery J. Bierman, a spokesman for the International Association of Building Materials.

The demand for these materials is so high, and demand for them is so great, that companies are finding it difficult to compete, Biermans said.

Building companies are working hard to keep up with the growth in demand and that’s why they’re finding it very challenging to compete with foreign suppliers, said Michael Kallman, executive director of the National Association of Realtors.

For example, Biersman said, one of the major trends in building construction is the introduction of prefabricated units, or “fabs.”

Some prefab projects use materials like concrete and wood, which are harder and harder to work with over time.

Some prefabs are made with materials like stainless steel and aluminum, which will not hold up over time, he said.

Many builders and builders of homes are choosing to build in a prefab structure instead of building in a traditional building.

In a new report, the Building Materials Association of America said builders and architects are using prefab materials in a variety of projects.

It says more than $1 trillion of new homes are being built in the past decade.

But some of that construction is being done in structures that are built with concrete or steel.

Many of these buildings are made of a type of construction called slab or slab-and-mortar.

A slab or mortar is built from bricks, concrete or brick and used to support the structure of the home.

The type of building typically used to build a slab or mortar is a three-story structure called a duplex.

That structure is typically built with a basement and attic that can be moved.

There is also a four-story version of the same structure called an attic duplex, which can be used as a living space or a place to store or store a garage.

Some builders also use slabs or mortars in their projects that are designed to accommodate additional units.

“It’s the combination of the different elements that are important to consider, but the building materials itself is just a very important part of it,” said Robert F. Hough, executive vice president for global development at the association.

In addition to the costs, many builders and owners of homes that are used to building prefab structures say it is difficult to get builders to upgrade their existing structures because of the high cost of building materials.

It is especially difficult because the majority of new construction is prefab, said Chris J. O’Sullivan, a professor of architectural construction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

It’s very difficult for builders to use existing structures that have been built with old building materials to create a new structure, O’SULLIVAN said.

“If you have a brick wall or a brick roof, that’s fine.

It works.

But you have to make sure that you can reuse the bricks and use them to build the new structure,” he said, noting that a new roof is much more expensive.

It could be a lot of money to get the bricks in the building to the new roof.

In many cases, there are no readily available bricks or materials for building the new building.

Many developers and builders who use materials made by U.K. suppliers like Archibald are looking to do the same.

Archibold is building a home on a foundation made of concrete that is similar to a slab.

A new Archibault home is built with the Archibauld bricks that are made in Britain, and the new home will be much bigger and much heavier than the existing home, said Brian B. Stoll, Archibead’s vice president of product planning.

“We believe that a lot more people are using concrete in a new home,” he told the AP.

Archimould is the only U. K. supplier that offers the Archimbould bricks, and it is the biggest in the country.

“They are the

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