A company in Australia has made $5 million by selling scrap from an old building in Australia.

Key points:The scrap is used in a product that can be used in building materials and machinery to repair the building materials used in modern buildingsA company in Adelaide, South Australia, has been producing the product for yearsA project manager at the company said the scrap was salvaged from an abandoned building in South Australia in 2013 and that it was sold for a small profit.

The scrap was used to make a product called A-Tek, which can be sold for $2,500.

The product is used to repair and repair buildings in the world’s most densely populated countries and in the United States, according to A-Tech.

“It’s not only useful in the manufacturing of building materials but also in the manufacture of other building products such as insulation, electrical and plumbing, and so forth,” A-tech chief executive Mike Williams said.

“You can use it in a building material manufacturing process and you can use that material in the construction industry.”

Williams said that he was surprised by the amount of interest from interested parties.

“We’ve never had a customer ask us to do this before, so I think that speaks volumes,” he said.

The company said it had not yet made a profit from the scrap, but that it had an established supply chain in South Australian.

Williams said he was hoping to grow the business.

“That’s our focus right now,” he told ABC News.

“Hopefully the rest of the year and into next year will go in a very positive direction and we’ll see more people buying A-Technologies products.”

Williams and A-TC is in the process of building a second facility in Adelaide to process and sell the scrap.

“A-Tech will be able to sell the materials we’ve developed through this process and then have them delivered to South Australia for a sale,” Williams said of the new facility.

“In the future we’ll be expanding to South America and Africa, and ultimately we’ll want to get the entire supply chain there.”

Williams also said that the scrap would be reused and reused in other areas of the business and would be used to manufacture more of the A-TT products.

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