Google Glass has become an integral part of the Canadian landscape and the Bayview building on the west side of Toronto is no exception.

The company’s smart glasses have become a big draw for the city’s millennials and they’re taking to the streets in record numbers.

In an interview with the Canadian Press, the head of Google Glass Canada said the technology is already used in some of the biggest names in the industry and it’s a natural fit for a city such as Toronto.

Google Glass is used to take photos and videos and the company says it’s been a huge success with the tech community.

“We’ve been able to take this technology and turn it into something really cool for people that are into building things,” said Adam Wozniak, head of Glass Canada.

“And it’s also been really helpful to people that don’t really have access to the internet.”

He said the city has seen an increase in visitors and more than 3,000 people have bought Google Glass over the last year.

The wearable has been a hit with people who are interested in building and they have even started to use it to do so.

“People are really looking for a way to get in touch with their communities, and it can be really good for that,” said Woz, adding that the technology has also become a boon for the local economy.

“It’s great for people to interact with their neighbours, to make connections, and to be able to do things together.”

And while the company has made some money on the wearable, it has been largely funded through the Canadian government’s investment in its research and development program.

“The majority of our investments go directly into our research and innovation program,” Woz said.

“So a lot of our money goes directly into that and that’s where we have a lot more potential.”

And as it turns out, Google Glass can do a lot for the environment too.

In fact, Woz suggested it might be the first technology to ever completely eliminate plastic from the planet.

“What we’re doing is building these sensors and they capture all the pollutants and they recycle the plastic, and that actually gives us an opportunity to eliminate plastics from the environment, and if we can make it recyclable, that’s a great thing.”

Google has been making money off its wearable and Woz believes it could be the future for technology.

“This technology can save the planet,” he said.

Google has said it plans to spend $200 million to develop the wearable and it hopes to bring the technology to the U.S. as well.

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