The New York Times columnist, whose father was the US president, is warning that President Donald Trump doesn�t want to go into Iraq.

The New Yorker writer, who was a frequent critic of the president during the 2016 campaign, writes in the piece that he thinks that the White House is in for a rough ride.

He also writes that Trump may have a hard time maintaining his credibility with the country.

‘His lack of trustworthiness is one of the greatest hurdles he faces.

And while he may have the resources and experience to be a successful commander in Chief, he may find it harder to sustain the trust of his own people.

That, in turn, may make it harder for him to attract and retain the loyalty of those who he needs to serve,’ writes Mr. Trump.

‘And the less he can maintain his own credibility, the more likely it is that he will fail to build the country’s political and military power to its full potential.’

Mr. Ryan wrote that he didn�t believe Trump was the right person for the job and said he is looking for someone who will be ‘a little less partisan and a little more populist’ than Trump.

He said the former real estate mogul and reality television star doesn�ll be able to be ‘presidential enough’ to build an effective government.

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