A few months ago, a couple of friends in Minneapolis stumbled across an unusual item: a set of building supplies.

“We bought a bunch of things, and the first thing we started doing was making some DIY kits,” said Stephanie Levenson, the co-founder of the DIY builder site DIY Builder.

The first kits were a little too big, she said, and there were too many items in the box.

So she made a couple from cardboard boxes and cardboard boxes from scraps.

“The first thing you need is a box and some screws,” Levensons said.

“Then you need to put in some wood.

You also need a door that’s a little bit bigger than you think.”

That’s when she found the DIY Kits Depot, a website dedicated to building supplies and a community of builders.

She launched the DIY Builder subreddit on Reddit and has since become an online sensation, receiving hundreds of requests for DIY kits from around the world.

Levensson’s DIY Kits Store now has a Facebook group where builders can share their kits and other supplies and find others to make kits from.

“I think there are maybe 10 to 15 people in the world who actually make building supplies,” she said.

She sells kits in different sizes, and she sells them through the site.

“That’s not the way you can sell anything online,” she added.

“There are so many online sellers out there, but I think most people do it the wrong way.”

Building materials can be pricey.

“You have to get your materials through the mail or something, and then you have to go out and spend money on shipping,” Levesons said, adding that she spends $50-$100 per kit.

But the kits are fun, and they give builders a way to learn about building, learn about their tools, and get a feel for how to construct.

“It’s really cool that you can go to this place and see how you can make things, build things,” Levesons explained.

She said she hopes that people will start buying DIY kits to help them start building again, so they can start building with their own tools again.

“If you go to your local community store and they have some woodworking kits, you can take those kits and go to a local woodworking shop and get the wood you need, you know, it’s really important,” she continued.

“Because if you’re not doing that, then you’re missing out on something that you really need.”

The DIY Kits store has over 30,000 members, and Levesson said she’s received many requests for the same kit.

She even made one for her son.

“My son loves it because he likes to play with the wood and he can do it in his garage, and we can go down to his local wood shop and we’re going to build,” she explained.

“So it’s not just me and my son building stuff, it can be anyone, and that’s really exciting.”

DIY Kits is also a way for people to build from scrap and learn from others.

“What I really love about this is that it’s a community,” Levellson said.

There are tons of other resources out there for building supplies, including the website Woodcraft, which has a lot of great building kits for sale.

The DIY Builder site has a community for DIY builders who want to share their skills, and it has a page for those who are building and want to build their own projects.

Levessons also plans to create a blog for building, so people can share stories of their projects and help others learn how to build.

“Building is a really good way to share things with the world,” Leversons said of building.

“But if you want to get into a hobby, then it’s more about you actually doing it.”

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