The Embracing Sustainability building materials manufacturer has announced that it will begin offering the first production of its Sustain-C project in the Atlanta metro area.

The project will produce materials that will be available for the Embrace-A project in Georgia and the Embrace-B project in South Carolina.

The Embrace products are sourced from the same company that has developed the EmBRace Building materials, which is based in South Korea.

“Sustain-A is about creating the material we need to be a more sustainable city, and Embrace is about making it accessible to our customers,” said Jeff Lacy, CEO of Embrace, in a statement.

In addition to producing building materials that are environmentally friendly, the EmBrace-B will also be available in other countries, Lacy said.

Lacy said the company was working with a local Georgia company that is a partner in the project, which will be completed by mid-2016.

“We will have the materials and machinery in our facilities in Atlanta, which are the perfect environment to grow our company and make it a real success,” Lacy added.

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