Harvey, a major redevelopment project that began in 2019, is located just outside of Houston, Texas, and is one of the biggest developments in Houston’s history.

The project is currently in the early stages of completion and is being designed by French firm Kroll and Associates.

The building, located in the Houston suburb of Lakewood, is a mix of office, residential, retail, and offices, and the plan calls for it to become the city’s largest mixed-use development.

The project’s developers are aiming to turn the building into a green space by transforming it into a 100-acre “greening hub.”

The idea behind this is to turn it into an incubator, which means that, for the first time, the project will have its own greenhouse that can be used as an office, a hotel, and a hotel lounge.

The development also plans to build a 100,000 square foot, mixed-used mixed-income residential building in the area.

The plan calls the building “the world’s first urban greenhouse” that will help the city make its plans for the future.

In addition to a greenhouse, the building will also have a hotel and an art studio, all designed to create a green environment for the entire community.

The developers are hoping that this project will be the catalyst for other projects that are going to be green in the future, and that this one will serve as an example of how a project can be done with no cost to the community.

The developers, however, are not the only ones aiming to create this new space.

The City of Houston is also looking to turn this development into an indoor, urban garden, which would be a step in the right direction.

The plan calls this project “the largest and most significant green space project in Houston history,” and it is being developed by the City of Lake Forest.

The plans call for the project to be the city of Lake Park’s largest urban green space in history.

The green space, called the “Park Green,” will be made up of about 50,000 trees planted on five acres of land.

It will also be a community garden, with a garden-to-work space, a greenway, and playgrounds.

There will also also be an “urban-friendly community hub” that the city says will connect the city with the nearby Houston Community College.

The Green Center will also house the community gardens.

The plans call this project a “citywide community green,” which means it will be an extension of the citys “park plan,” which was launched in 2017.

The park plan aims to create green spaces for people to play, shop, and walk, as well as a place for the city to connect to Lakewood.

The new project will also provide space for the community to have its voices heard.

The Lakewood City Council voted unanimously on November 12 to approve a $7 million, 20-year grant from the City Council to the greening project.

The grant was approved in a 5-2 vote.

The Lakewood city council is also planning to consider a request from the developer to turn some of the green space into an office park, as part of a citywide, mixed use community.

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