How to make a fire stone in your backyard article How do you get your firestone to shine?

That depends on what you’re after.

Article Continued BelowArticle Continued Here are 10 tips on getting your fire stone to shine, starting with what you need.

For your fire-roasted potatoes: A good firestone will need to be set in a dry place, which can be a good place to start.

To get the best firestone, use a stone with a very fine edge.

That way, if you’re not careful, the stone will stick to the potato.

If you’re using a stone that is not quite fine enough, you can use a sandstone instead.

For your fireproof oven: Make sure the stone has been heated to 180 degrees Celsius.

If the stone isn’t that hot, it will crack when you hit it.

If it’s too hot, you may have to use a fireproof glass to make sure the fire is evenly heated.

For the fire-proof oven you need a stone whose edge is fine enough to get through a steel grate.

It should have a flat, sharp edge.

If a stone’s edge is too sharp, the heat of the stone is going to melt it.

For a fire-resistant oven, you will need a fire starter.

A good choice is a fire cracker.

The cracker will melt the stone, and when the stone starts to crack, you’ll get a good burn.

For getting a fire to explode in your garden: If you live in an area that’s hot enough to ignite a fire, try the following steps:Start by putting a little water in a bucket.

When you pour the water on the fire, add more water if it doesn’t melt.

After you have the fire going, fill the fire with charcoal.

Put the grate up to get a better fire.

Fill the grate with sand and put the grate on top of the fire.

When the fire begins to burn, the sand is going into the grate and creating the firecracker effect.

If your stone is not so fine, the grate will crack and melt the firestone.

To get a fire burning in your basement: Put a firecracker in your garage, and put a fire brick in your crawl space.

Put a piece of plastic sheeting on top.

The firecrackers will help to ignite the fire when the plastic is removed from the fire crackers.

If there is a lot of smoke, place a piece on the top of your basement wall.

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