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Building materials manufacturing and marketing company Adk Group has created a website where consumers can search for building materials online and buy them online at local stores.The site is called craigslist.com, and it allows consumers to search for products and sell them online.The adk.com website is available to consumers who have a craigslist account.Adk, a division of eBay Inc., which

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Which are the best stores for buying furniture?

A popular question on our Facebook page is, which furniture stores can you buy at a reasonable price?Many of our friends are selling their furniture at these locations, but they have not found a good deal.In addition, many are hesitant to buy furniture at this time of year, when furniture can often be expensive, especially in Israel.For this reason, we

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How to Use the Free Builders’ Guide to Reuse Your Home

Building materials used in your home can be reused over and over again.It's important to have some kind of system to store and organize these materials and make sure that when you need them they're there. Here's how to set up your own builders' guide to reuse your home. To begin, you'll need a few things: 1.A basic computer. A free computer is

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