How ‘Harvey’ Is Building the World’s First Urban Greenhouse (VIDEO)

Harvey, a major redevelopment project that began in 2019, is located just outside of Houston, Texas, and is one of the biggest developments in Houston's history.The project is currently in the early stages of completion and is being designed by French firm Kroll and Associates.The building, located in the Houston suburb of Lakewood, is a mix of office, residential, retail,

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How to choose the best building materials for your home

article By Tom Clark, USA TODAY The question of which materials are the best for your building has become a heated debate in recent years, with many homeowners complaining about the quality of materials in their homes.But as builders of all kinds face more and more demand for housing, there are also many unanswered questions.Here are a few things to

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How to donate a building materials donation

How to contribute building materials to the building materials collection.This is a collection of the materials that can be donated to help support the building process.For example, you can donate materials to repair or upgrade existing building materials or add new materials.You can also make donations to support a specific charity.To donate materials you need to use the 'donate' button

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