Which is better for the world? The World Bank or the UN

A World Bank survey on sustainable development found that a majority of respondents favoured the UN over the World Bank.The survey was commissioned by the World Development Movement, an advocacy group for global development."The results of the survey are striking," the survey's lead author, Dr. Andrew Jepsen, told The Hindu."While both the World Financial Forum and the UN have strong

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How to Buy and Sell Land in Arizona

I know the weather's cold, but I'm glad I didn't bring my jacket.In this story from January 18, I learned how to sell real estate in Arizona.It's all about getting the right land price for your house.It doesn't matter what the area looks like or what you're looking for.Here's how to do it: 1.Find a good price for the land

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Which Building Materials are the Most Common?

"I think we all have some sort of building materials.The more you know about a building material, the more you can use it.You're always looking for the right materials, and if you're a home builder, you want the right building materials," says John Dufrene, vice president of home improvement for Bali Homes."We've seen that with our customers and our clients.If

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